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  • Who is eligible to participate in MWR programs and use the facilities?
    Authorized users include active duty military and their dependents, retired military and their dependents, civilian employees of the Coast Guard and their dependents, and others as authorized by TRACEN Petaluma Command. The general rule: if you have a military ID you should be able to get yourself through the security gate. If you can get through security you also have the ability to bring guests onto base by sponsoring them. The image below is not an all-inclusive list. Please give us a call to see if you are eligible: 707.765.7248.
  • How can I get updates on everything MWR is doing?
    The best way to make sure you don't miss any of our announcements is to subscribe to our e-newsletter at the bottom of our website. We send out a detailed email about our events and program updates as often as the news is ready to publish. We also post most of our updates on our Facebook page @MWRPetaluma. Most of our important updates are also in the MWR Corner section of the Daily News email for base residents.
  • Are there facilities I can rent for an event or party?
    Yes! You can hold your parties or events at the Movie Theater, Bowling Alley, Community/Teen Center, and Lake Recreation Area. The Pool is available to bring your parties to during Open Swim as well. Please check each facilities page for contact information. To reserve an MWR facility, please fill out and submit an MWR Facilities Use Request Form.
  • I have a question or idea for your program, who should I contact?
    We welcome all ideas and input! Please feel free to contact us at 707-765-7248 or
  • Can I rent the movie theater for an event?
    Yes! The movie theater can be rented for a meeting, presentation or party. The fee is $75 and you must reserve 2 weeks in advance. The concessions will be open for your event. You also have the option of bringing your own food and drinks or ordering from Two Rock Pizza here on base. The theater has 175 leather seats, hundreds of movies on DVD and new releases weekly. To reserve the theater contact FSC Mulford at
  • Who is eligible to use your facilities and purchase tickets?
    This image may be useful but it is not an all-inclusive list. The general rule we use is: if you can get yourself through our front gate security you can use our facilities and purchase tickets through our office. Please give us a call to discuss your eligibility: 707.765.7248.
  • Am I eligible for the Disney Military Salute tickets?
    Eligibility is as follows: active duty military personnel, reserve, national guard, retired military personnel, retired reserves, retired national guard, 100% disabled veterans, medal of honor reciptiens only. Adult dependents cannot purchase these tickets. 6 tickets per year, per family unless both spouses are active duty. Active duty member must make the purchase and be present when the ticket is used.
  • Can I bring food or a BBQ grill into the pool facility?
    Yes! There are multiple table set ups for picnic type lunches! We have a great area to set up a grill as well, and a side gate to make it easier to roll into the facility. We also have snacks and drinks for sale. This summer we are extending out our fenceline and enlarging our patio.
  • Can I rent the pool for a private party or event?
    At this time, we are unable to rent the pool privately, but you may book a party during weekend open swim hours listed here. Please arrange with the Pool Manager at least 1 week prior to the desired date.
  • Can my child swim laps during lap swim?
    If your child can swim full lengths of the pool, they are welcome to swim laps during lap swim. All children under 13 must have an adult (18+ years old) present to be able to use our facility.
  • What's on your menu?
    We have a featured item that changes weekly as well!
  • Are students welcome in the Club?
    Yes! The Consolidated Club is for everyone on, and off, base and students are always welcome. The club is for all ranks, but some alcohol restrictions may apply. You must be 21 to enter bar area.
  • Does the Consolidated Club have events?
    Yes! The club has nights for bingo, trivia and karaoke. Visit the Consolidated Club page for more details!
  • Can I have alcohol in the bowling alley?
    Yes! If the Consolidated Club is open you can purchase alcohol directly from them. If you have reserved the Bowling Alley during the hours when the club is closed you can arrange to purchase directly from the club before they open.
  • Do you have availability?
    Our Child Development Center is extremely popular and our waiting list is generally very long. Please give us a call to add your child to the list: 707.765.7566
  • Do you provide food for youth/teens at the program?
    Our after school program provides a snack and drink for each child each day that they attend. Camp sessions do NOT provide food. You must pack a lunch for your child at camp.
  • Do I have to register my youth/teen in order to attend after school program, camps, and special events?
    The after school program and seasonal camps require registration to attend. Special events such as holidays events and giveaways do not require registration to attend. Register for our Essential Childcare program here. Register for any other event here.
  • What are the age restrictions for the youth and teen program?
    Our youth and teen programs are offered based on grade level. K-6th grade for youth and 7th-12th grade for teens. For programming/camps offered during the school year, registration is based on current grade level. For the summer, our youth camp is offered for K-6th grade based on grade *completed* in June. For our teen summer camp, we allow entering 7th graders through recently graduated 12th graders.
  • Do you allow Transitional Kindergartens (TKers)?
    TK falls under the CDC's jurisdiction. Please contact the CDC for information on how to enroll your TKer. They also offer a TK summer camp!
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Our after school program is offered throughout the entire school year. Our youth after school program runs Monday-Friday, 2-5pm, and our teen after school program is offered Monday and Fridays evenings from 5-9pm. During camp sessions, our youth camp is open 7am-4:30pm and our teen camp offers a variety of trips/activities with varied hours of operation depending on trip/activity length. We are closed for every federal holiday and close at 11am on Coast Guard Day.
  • What seasonal camps do you offer?
    We offer a youth and teen summer camp as well as youth camps during Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break. Dates of operation are based around the school schedules.
  • Can I rent the Community/Teen Center?
    Yes! The facility is available to rent outside of hours of operation and is a great venue for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and meetings! The fee is $50 per 3 hour block of time and may be free of charge for certain public events. We require at least two weeks advanced notice for facility rentals and booking. If you want alcohol at your event you must submit a seperate request directly to so she can have our Commanding Officer approve it. Get started by filling out a Facilities Use Request Form.
  • How do you decide on program hours of operation and seasonal camp dates?
    We follow the Two Rock Union School District calendar for our youth program and the Petaluma City School District calendar for our teen program. This is based on the percentage of TRACEN Petaluma youth/teen enrollment within the two school districts. For example, if Two Rock School has noon dismissal, we extend our hours of operation to accommodate our working TRACEN families.
  • How do I sign up for programming?
    Register here! Your child's spot in camp is not confirmed until the non-refundable deposit (at minimum) has been paid. We do not accept seasonal camp registration or payment at the Boys & Girls Club.
  • What is the cost to attend programming?
    Our after school programs are offered free of charge with the exception of teen field trips which may have a small fee to attend. Youth seasonal camps are offered with a tiered fee system based on Total Family Income. Current youth camp fees are $115/$135/$155 for weekly sign ups. Daily signs up may be available for summer and always available for the other seasonal camps. Daily costs are: $23/$27/$31. We offer a 10% multiple child discount for our youth camps. Teen summer camp offers a variety of field trips with various fees depending on the trip. We always offer at least once free trip per week for our teen summer camp.
  • Can my teen volunteer to earn community service credit?
    Yes! We welcome all teen volunteers and can accommodate any schedule. Please reach out for more information and to set up a schedule!
  • What are your hours?
    Program hours are listed on the Sports & Fitness Center page.
  • Are fitness classes free?
    Yes! If you are an eligible patron our personal training sessions and group classes are free. Please contact Christina Harman to enroll in a session or class: 707.765.7348.
  • Can I take bikes, fishing poles or other rental equipment off base?
    No -- all of our free rental equipment must remain on base at all times.
  • Can I reserve a room on base?
    Members with PCS orders can reserve rooms 90 days in advance, all Active Duty & Active Duty Reserve members may reserve 60 days in advance, Retired members may reserve rooms 30 days in advance & GS/NAF civilians holding a military ID may reserve 15 days in advance. We have a range of guest accomodations on base. The below image is not an all-inclusive list. Please call our guest lodging team to see if you are an eligible patron: 707.765.7248.
  • Can I drink alcohol at the Campground & RV sites?
    Yes! Beer and wine only.
  • What events do you have coming up?
    The best way to follow what we are doing is to sign up for our e-newsletter at the bottom of our website. We send out detailed updates periodically keeping you informed about our events. Another great way is to become a fan of our Facebook page @MWRPetaluma.
  • I want to take part in one of your programs or events, where do I start?
    Sponsoring one of our programs or events is a great way to engage and help our community. Please visit our sponsorship page for more details.
  • Are you hiring?
    Yes! Please visit our jobs page, under the information tab for more details.
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