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About Us


U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma's MWR Program provides a diverse and comprehensive selection of activities, services, and safe, well-equipped facilities for the support, enhancement, and enjoyment of its family of users and guests.


Operate sixteen individual businesses to improve the Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation of students, permanent party, their families, and other eligible patrons. These businesses include the Aquatics Center, Bowling Alley, Gym, Theater, Two Rock Pizza, Two Rock Club, Child Development Center and the Teen Center. We serve as the conduit for all non-government businesses and associations who provide support for Command-sponsored MWR events.

  • We support military readiness and the TRACEN Community through our regulated businesses. 

  • We support all approved TRACEN Associations and Organizations through planning, marketing and funding.


We support the TRACEN Community with a dedicated team of civilian and military staff responsible for the day-to-day operations, management and advancement of our sixteen businesses, serving the many needs of our diverse TRACEN Community. We aim to support TRACEN-approved Associations and Organizations with staff resources in the following manner:

  • Ensuring our MWR facilities are ready and available as needed!

  • Provide assistance in event planning!

  • Assist in marketing through social media, theater marquee, and the monthly MWR Event Calendar!

  • Provide funding for morale functions and events as the revenue from our businesses allows!

  • Support joint-Association initiatives and events to keep TRACEN the best place to live, work, and train!


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