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What's New in MWR


Updated 06 May, 2021

For MWR information, please call 707.765.7341‬ or email MWR@uscg.mil.

MWR businesses currently only accept debit/credit cards; we do not take cash.

- Movie Theater: Movies EVERY DAY at 1800 and Saturday/Sunday at 1300. Open to permanent party, dependents, and students; seating is limited. Also open for class parties by reservation M-F.

- Gym: Now open to civilian employees during "Permanent Party" timeslots. The gym is now open to CG Dependents from 2000 - 2130 Monday-Friday and from 1030 - 1200 on Saturday/Sunday. Capacity is limited to 30 individuals and dependents must be age 16 or older. Sign up here. Active duty members are encouraged to use the existing daytime time slots for their gym workouts. 

- Aquatic Center: LAP SWIM is now open for ALL authorized lap swim users: AD permanent party, students and civilian employees during all ‘lap swim’ time slots. Reservations strongly encouraged. Pool capacity has been expanded to 6 individuals and pool fitness equipment is now available for check-out. The locker room remains maxed out at 4 people at a time.

- Ticket, Lodging and Recreation Office (LTR): The MWR Customer Service Center has been renamed the Ticket, Lodging and Recreation Office (TLR). Our office is open, but we are minimizing foot traffic as much as possible. Please call first if you need to physically come into the office. For Internet, Cable, RV Campground, and Ticket inquiries, call 707.765.7341 between 0930-1700 Monday - Friday. For Lodging inquiries, please call 707-765-7248 between 0800 - 1500 Monday - Friday.

- RV Campground & Guest Lodging: Open to all MWR eligible patrons. Details are available here.

- Two Rock Coffee Co.: To-go orders only.  TRCC hours are 0600-1200 M-F and 0800-1200 Sat/Sun. Please follow physical distancing signage in this facility.

- Two Rock Pizza: Open for take-out via phone-in and online orders during regular hours (Mon-Fri 1100-1300, daily 1700-2100). Dine-in available or students 1700-1915 by online reservation per A school Dine-In schedule and 1930-2145 for all vaccinated A & C school students (sign-in upon arrival). Please follow physical distancing signage in the facility.

- Child Development Center: The TRACEN CDC has resumed operations using room capacities and payment processes similar to those we employed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. All families, including those who are on telework status, are welcomed back to CDC care on a full-time basis! Be advised that we are still limited to no more than 12 children in the preschool room at one time. A full overview of this expansion is available on the CDC page. Refer any questions to Ashlee Lennon, CDC Director, at 707.765.7971 or Ashlee.J.Lennon@uscg.mil.

- Youth Services: Our after-school program is open Mon-Fri 1400-1630 (reservations required).

- Consolidated Club: Open 1700-1915 by online reservation per A school Dine-In schedule and 1930-2145 for all vaccinated A & C school students (sign-in upon arrival)

- Bowling Alley: Open for class parties (students only) by reservation 1230-1630. Open for student use from 1700-1915 in conjunction with scheduled A school time slot.

- CG ExchangeStore hours are Mon - Fri 0700-1900, Sat/Sun 0900 - 1900 (ROM students follow schedule). Website: https://shopcgx.com Phone: (707) 765-7256

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