TV & Internet Subscription Form

Subscribing to TV and/or Internet is a 3 step process: 

1) Submit this form

2) We call you for your credit card number

3) We connect your new service on the following

Tuesday or Friday based on payment date.

Barracks residents do not need to be present. 

All boxes require an entry for submission

Permanent party enter N/A below

Students enter N/A below

Students must notify MWR of when they are leaving base so we may disconnect service to your room. It is your responsibility to complete a cancellation of service request form to discontinue auto pay. If we do no receive a response after 30 days no refund will be issued. 

Setup and monthly subscription fees are due during the application process. We will charge you when we call you for payment. Please note there is a $5 discount for signing up for both TV and Internet. There is a $20 setup fee for TV and a $70 setup fee for Internet. Please note barracks residents are not able to receive satellite TV in their rooms.

The monthly cost for TV only is $50 and Internet only is $25. Payments are due the 1st of each month. A $5 late fee will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Accounts 30 days late will be disconnected until full payment is received and charged a $20 fee.

Fees are subject to change. 

What are you signing up for?

For Automatic Payments fill out the following and hand-deliver to The Hub. For security,

do not email it to us!

For questions or if you are experiencing any issues with your TV or Internet service, please contact The Hub at or 707.765.7341

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