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Tent Camping Request

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$15.00 per night per tent. Update quantity in bag for proper number of tents camping. This is to request Tent Camping reservation. This is NOT a guarantee you have a booking. This is to request a booking. All guests must have displayed a paper name placard for each tent to be in standard.

Currently Booking: All eligible MWR Patrons and now Sponsored Guests are allowed to come onboard, This means you MUST have base access. Civilian's without a sponsor or Military ID are not eligible to have a reservation.

Two Rock Pizza, Club, Bowling and Movie Theater are open to all guests. NON VACINATED Guests MUST still wear a mask. Vaccinated Guests do not have to, but can if they feel they want to. Galley is not fully open yet. Still only taking Military Members.

All adults must have a valid ID to enter the front gate and drivers must have valid registration and insurance. If your ID states 'Federal Limits Apply' you can only access the base as a sponsored guest and must show a second form of federally recognized ID. The "MWR Base Access & Sponsorship Policy" below has examples of acceptable ID's and additional information. Foreign nationals must be vetted at least 30 days in advance or they will not be allowed on-board.

*Please note that open fires are NOT permitted except for those from grills or camp stoves*

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